Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 320

Hey people :)

I just want to warn you guys (if somebody even reads this) that most likely I'm not going to write after my return to Finland. Maybe one post about my feelings when I'm back but yeah... :D Maybe I'm going to make a new blog about something else like of our horse or something, maybe not, haha :D

So, I started to organize the rest of my belongings which are still here. Most of my stuff is already in Finland. My parents visited me last weekend <3 and they drove all the way here so they could take away my winter clothes and such. They brought me another suitcase and I have yet a big backpack but I'm still worried that all my things won't fit in. Oh well, my host family said they'll just send the rest by post. 

As my parents were here, we visited all the important places of my exchange year; such as my school, my kung fu academy etc. We were also shopping and I got new shoes, they're perfect! Friday evening we grilled with my host family and it was very very nice ^^ On Sunday we just made a sudden decision and drew to Hanover. We visited the beautiful (but HUGE) garden and then the old part of the town, where we ate then pizza :D It was really nice to see my parents again after almost a year. I was a little worried how it'd be after they travel back but it's been just fine. I mean, I'm sick - again - and I've got much to do and I can just tell myself, only two weeks! 

I'm really happy to go back but at the same I'm really sad to leave everything, like I told in my last post. I've been thinking how it's gonna be when I'm back but I just can't know it so I should just stop... or I'm gonna get disappointed. Luckily, I have yet somethings before my departure. I'm arranging a farewell party and then I'll be spending five days with 500 exchange students :D It's gonna be awesome!! 

ICE <3

We got caught in traffic jam...

Mom's nikes and my new shoes

Rose garden

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