Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 320

Hey people :)

I just want to warn you guys (if somebody even reads this) that most likely I'm not going to write after my return to Finland. Maybe one post about my feelings when I'm back but yeah... :D Maybe I'm going to make a new blog about something else like of our horse or something, maybe not, haha :D

So, I started to organize the rest of my belongings which are still here. Most of my stuff is already in Finland. My parents visited me last weekend <3 and they drove all the way here so they could take away my winter clothes and such. They brought me another suitcase and I have yet a big backpack but I'm still worried that all my things won't fit in. Oh well, my host family said they'll just send the rest by post. 

As my parents were here, we visited all the important places of my exchange year; such as my school, my kung fu academy etc. We were also shopping and I got new shoes, they're perfect! Friday evening we grilled with my host family and it was very very nice ^^ On Sunday we just made a sudden decision and drew to Hanover. We visited the beautiful (but HUGE) garden and then the old part of the town, where we ate then pizza :D It was really nice to see my parents again after almost a year. I was a little worried how it'd be after they travel back but it's been just fine. I mean, I'm sick - again - and I've got much to do and I can just tell myself, only two weeks! 

I'm really happy to go back but at the same I'm really sad to leave everything, like I told in my last post. I've been thinking how it's gonna be when I'm back but I just can't know it so I should just stop... or I'm gonna get disappointed. Luckily, I have yet somethings before my departure. I'm arranging a farewell party and then I'll be spending five days with 500 exchange students :D It's gonna be awesome!! 

ICE <3

We got caught in traffic jam...

Mom's nikes and my new shoes

Rose garden

Sunday, 31 May 2015

33 Days left in Germany

Hey guys :)

Like the headline states, 33 days left of my exchange year, 33 days left in my beautiful host country, 33 days until I see my family and friends in Finland again. 27 days and I have to say goodbye to all my friends here, 29 days and I have to say goodbye to my host family, 29 days and I'm gonna have yet an awesome week with about 500 exchange students. 33 days and I have to speak in Finnish again, 33 days and I don't know when I'm gonna be able to eat the delicious German foods again. 

33 days and I'll be sitting on an airplane on my way home leaving another behind me.

Yeah... xD so what I've been doing. 

Eurovision Song Contest: I watched with Isabel and couple of friends of hers. I'm so happy that Sweden won. I really liked the show, it was kinda ingenious with only man on stage performing with the screen. And I liked the song as well :) 

DoKomi: ESC was on Saturday night and the next day we had to wake up with Isabel quite early 'cause we had a three hour travel ahead of us. Our destination was Düsseldorf and the annual anime, manga and Japan convention. It was so AWESOME! I was so excited about everything and I bought so much stuff :D ooops... But now I have two new Kingdom Hearts necklaces, an EXO bracelet and the newest album EXODUS and a G-Dragon poster <3 

Amsterdam: Last Thursday I was with my little host sister in Amsterdam :D We didn't have almost anything planned, only the idea that we'd visit Anne Franks house. Well... the waiting time to get in was like two hours so we decided to do something else. We then ended up visiting Madam Tussaud's :) Then we just walked through the town and yes Amsterdam is beautiful but I have to say, it isn't my kind of town. (and the traffic is crazy, everywhere cyclists :D) 

I met No-Face

With Angela Merkel

Sunday, 17 May 2015

What's up

Hey guys :)

The fewer my days are getting, the more I've got to do! Almost all weekends until my return flight are full. And during the weeks I have much to do too. Two weeks ago was 1st of May, and I was celebrating it with my friends. 

Last weekend I had an YFU-seminar, this time it was the Re-entry seminar. I got to meet really cool exchange students again and we spoke about how it is when we have to leave, and how it can be when we get back to our home countries. It was actually really good to speak about these things with our team(the volunteers who have already been in exchange and know how it is) and with people who are in the same situation as I. It made us realize that we're not alone. 

This past week I had only two days school :D On Monday the abiturients (the 13th class who are this year graduating) had their oral exams and the rest of us had off-day. Thursday and Friday we had holidays. My host little sister had birthday on Friday and the relatives from Berlin were here ^^ And we have been eating sooooo much cake again :D On Thursday we started to paint the garage's wall (actually we did already paint it white some weeks ago, and now we started to color our painting). Yesterday Isabel celebrated her birthday and we had fun :)

And 'cause Summer is coming and we have had really warm days already, I have been eating quite a lot of ice cream <3

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Berlin and future plans

Heey ! :)

This is going to be a short post but it's still a post! So after the last time I wrote it hasn't been long and that's why I don't have soooo much to write :D But yeah, last Monday we'd free and we were at Heide Park, like I told. It was awesome! 

We started at half nine and drove two to three hours till we arrived in Heide Park. The park is huge and the roller coasters and such are really big too. We were really lucky with the weather (I got a little burned in the sun) and as it was Monday and not so many people have free on Mondays we could sometimes just ride the same ones three times straight, without getting off at all :D It was just a really cool way to spend a free day with friends :)


The Kraken

Then on Friday evening, after school, I traveled to Berlin with my host mom and my younger host sister :) We took the train and it was so cool we had the kind of a train like The Hogwarts Express and we had our own "cabin"! And I love to travel by train, so, it was awesome ^^ On Friday night my host sister and I went almost directly to bed, well first we ate pieces of cake and then... :D On Saturday we were shopping and just spending time in the city! I bought a new top, perfect for the upcoming Summer. :) The others were so tired they went to bed quite early and we decided to watch a film with my host sister, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part1. On Sunday we went to Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World), a huge a garden with designed gardens representing typical gardens from different countries. It was really really pretty! And the weather was beautiful and this time of the year it was just perfect 'cause everything is blooming here right now ♥ Later we ate lunch by my "host uncle" and then we decided to visit the East Side Gallery and Brandenburger Tor. We still had some time to the leaving of our train so we walked a little through the Tiergarten, it's the park in front of Brandenburger Tor. Then we traveled back home.

On the entrance to Europe's biggest Chinese garden

Cherry blossom ♥

Japanese garden

The entrance to Korean garden

From the East Side Gallery

Brandenburger Tor

Future plans! My time here is getting shorter and shorter, only 61 days with my host family and then 5 days in YFU seminar. My emotions are getting so messed up when I think about leaving but then at the same time returning. I'm like both, happy and sad. I'm kinda scared that my friends here will forget me and that my friends in Finland have already forgotten me or that we just don't get along anymore. I'm so excited to see our dogs and be able to ride our horse again and just hang out with all the animals. Them I have actually missed the most :D but it's okay, 'cause with my friends and family, I've been able to skype and write and stay in contact, but from the animals I have only seen pictures :( It's hard to leave your pets behind... 

Then something happier from the nearer future! 1st May we have free and it's a tradition to celebrate the International Workers' Day with a lot of beer, friends and food! I'm looking forward to it :D Next week's weekend I have my re-entry seminar and yeah, DoKomi is coming closer as well. I have pretty much to do before I leave.